The Top 10 Digital Trends to look out for in 2015

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 by Sean Scannell

With 2014 being a great year for new advances in website design and development, the forecast for 2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the web. It is not uncommon for agencies to give a run-down of their thoughts on how a particular sector might evolve over the coming year, but at White Space we’re thinking a little differently.

Here are the actionable insights that we’re likely to be taking on board within our digital design team during 2015.

01 – An Animated Web

Web animations have been brought back from the dead thanks to the introduction of CSS transitions. With 2014 being the year of parallax scrolling, we expect more animation techniques to be used in 2015.

02 – The Rise of SVGs

SVG’s have been around since 1999 but are set to become the de facto image format for 2015. Scalable without distortion and ideal for interactivity and animation, SVGs have fantastic qualities for RWD and will revolutionise how we see the web.

03 – Material Design

Expect to see Google’s latest design framework everywhere in 2015 – with both terrific and hideous adoptions. Based on flat design which was so popular in 2014, “material design” is a Google guide for how to use these design principles correctly and effectively.

04 – The Hamburger

The Hamburger icon faced a lot of criticism last year as an overused navigation icon. Subsequently, more and more experimental and innovative navigation designs have been populating the web. A stronger consideration for 2015.

05 – Modular the Way to Go

The way we now view websites on desktops has changed dramatically with the introduction of RWD. An increased amount of sites are now designing mobile first; so expect this layout trend to thrive this year.

06- The Evolution of CSS

CSS preprocessors became very popular in 2014, and with the latest experimental CSS features we are expecting variables, nesting and other features to become key parts of the ever-evolving coding language.

07 – Bespoke Typography

Google Fonts have become a great resource for web designers, and have paved the way for more stylish web designs. However, many traditional fonts are yet to slip out of mainstream use. This year we expect more bespoke typography to be used in an attempt to stand out from the crowd.

08 – Rapid Prototyping

Static wireframes are fast becoming a thing of the past with rapid prototyping become a much more welcomed solution. With a wide variety of tools available, an interactive prototype helps to convey the user journey, as well as demonstrating page structures, animations and call to actions.

09 – Wearables

Wearables have been a hot topic since news of the Apple Watch last year. The considerations for how such devices will be used for marketing purposes this year will be a fresh step forward for brands, who must keep their finger on the pulse.

10 – Goodbye IE, Hello Spartan

Developers around the world are rejoicing at the latest news from Microsoft. Spartan is now replacing IE on the new Windows 10. The new browser is set to support more CSS features as well as browser extensions like its competitors.

Sean Scannell

Sean Scannell

Sean is our Digital Designer here at White Space. Joining in 2013, Sean undertakes web design & front-end development (as well as some back-end development). Sean previously worked for Turner Broadcasting in London after winning 1st prize TCM Adam Easdon award.